Corporate governance  

KPMG offers a full range of corporate governance services. Together with our colleagues, we help our clients to reach their lofty corporate development goals and to improve the transparency of their business.

Corporate governance remains one of the cornerstones of sustainable business development, and is a key factor in investment decisions. High-quality corporate governance contributes to making an organization’s financial and business activity more efficient, a fact confirmed by many independent studies.


Igor Korotetskiy

Igor Korotetskiy

Partner, Head of Corporate Governance and Sustainability

+7 495 937 44 77

    KPMG offers the following corporate governance services:

    • comprehensive diagnostics and development of recommendations on improving corporate governance;
    • elaboration of a corporate development program;
    • assessment of corporate governance as part of preparations for an IPO;
    • diagnostics of corporate governance at investment targets;
    • delineation of authorities between different levels of governing bodies and management;
    • assistance in ensuring the effective delegation of authorities to hired management;
    • improvement of corporate governance processes at subsidiaries;
    • assessment of the work of the board of directors and board committees;
    • development of a system of incentives for board members and executives;
    • development of a corporate governance code and other internal corporate documents;
    • development and implementation of a code of business conduct;
    • improvement of credit rating and corporate governance rating;
    • preparation of an annual report based on global best practice, the requirements of Russian legislation and the requirements at foreign stock exchanges;
    • assistance in meeting the regulatory requirements on corporate governance and information disclosure at Russian and foreign stock exchanges;
    • comprehensive advisory services on information disclosure issues.


KPMG’s approach to corporate governance services is based on our professionals’ many years of practical experience, our own extensive methodological framework, and the use of best practice. Our experience and the constant fine-tuning of our methodology enables us to adapt our services to meet the needs and specific requirements of each individual organization.


KPMG professionals gain valuable corporate governance experience both through the performance of individual projects and development of new solutions and through participation in events dedicated to the improvement of corporate governance in Russia and the world. KPMG’s project groups include professionals from various departments and specializing in various fields, giving our clients the opportunity to not only acquire practical knowledge in this area, but also to receive the clearest possible assessment of their objectives and needs.