Work-life balance 

It is no secret that auditors and consultants often have an intense work schedule, filled with business trips and tight deadlines for getting work done. We value the work of our people highly; after all it is one of the foundations of the high quality of KPMG’s services. However, we value a balance between the personal life and professional career of each of our employees even higher.

Our flexible policy on maternity and child care leave, compensation of overtime, organization of regular corporate events for employees and their families, and medical insurance are just a few of the things KPMG does to make sure that the lives of its employees are not confined to work alone.


Manager, Audit Department

Of course, there are times during the year when you have less free time than you’d like, but gradually you begin to understand that everything in life depends on you. Since I realize that spending time with my friends and loved ones is something that I cannot live without, I always find time for them. There’s time for hobbies, too: until recently I was involved in vocal training and singing (true, these days I sing only at home or with friends at karaoke bars), and this year I celebrated my 20th year of downhill skiing.



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KPMG would be unable to work effectively and maintain its leading market positions without its main asset – its employees. We place primary importance on the personal and professional development of each of them, and we try to give our employees every opportunity to better themselves. Here you can see what our employees have to say about working at KPMG, the career path they have followed, and what makes them proud.

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