The International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) and Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) have made a number of changes to accounting standards. More changes are expected in the near future.

KPMG has access to a large suite of training content covering basic and advanced accounting concepts under IFRS. Our trainings will give you solid comprehension of the current IFRS standards as well as guide you through the new IFRS requirements.        
The Romanian IFRS Institute organizes a wide range of IFRS training sessions that are designed to meet your needs and concerns.


  • IFRS Basics trainings - which offer you an insight in nearly all IFRS standards that are currently applicable for preparing financial statements. These trainings are addressed to members of your organization who want an introduction to IFRS.
  • IFRS Advanced trainings -  which give you insight into the more complex areas of IFRS. These training are addressed to professionals with a basic knowledge of IFRS who want to become more familiar with specific IFRS topics.
  • IFRS client updates of new standards and interpretations - Open sessions which provide a more detailed understanding of new financial reporting developments and more complex application issues.
  • Customised trainings - which are done on request and are tailored according to your needs to address their specific financial reporting issues. The aim is also to create awareness of the latest developments and common problem areas.             

KPMG Training Appoach
The course material for each topic contains:

  • Course outline;
  • Content PowerPoint presentation;
  • Case studies and solutions to case studies;
  • Examples and other handouts;

The course materials are adequately customized to address specific technical issues with illustrations.

Key features of IFRS trainings

  •  Intensive and interactive trainings;
  • Trainings conducted by experienced KPMG professionals;
  • Option to attend IFRS topics of your interest;
  • Each training will cover technical aspects and practical application issues;
  • Participation certificate can be provided by KPMG. 


Aura Giurcaneanu

Aura Giurcaneanu

Partner, Audit & Assurance

+40 (372) 377 800

Angela Manolache

Angela Manolache

Partner, Advisory

+40 (372) 377 800

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