KPMG firms are some of the world’s leading providers of Audit, Tax and advisory services. We have more than 174,000 professionals operating in over 155 countries. We aim to respond to the complex business challenges facing our firms' clients. We adopt a global approach spanning professional disciplines, industry sectors and national borders.


KPMG in Romania opened its first office in 1994 in Bucharest and now employs more than 800 professionals, including both local and expatriate staff, who combine detailed experience of the Romanian and Moldovan markets with international know-how.

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KPMG in Romania has 19 partners led by Serban Toader, our Senior Partner.


Our leadership and partners are responsible for setting the firm's strategy and overseeing its implementation. They regularly review areas of fundamental importance to the firm such as operating and financial performance, annual business plans and budgets, new business proposals, marketing, technology development, remuneration, and risk management policies.


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KPMG International is a Swiss entity. It is the coordinating entity for a global network of independent firms. Client services are provided by KPMG member firms or by other independent firms licensed by member firms to use the KPMG name. Each KPMG firm is separate and legally distinct. KPMG International does not provide services to clients.

The four letters KPMG show to the user and the market that your financial statements have been reviewed by an auditor that is committed to following the highest professional standards, with staff who display the best of client service. Our name and reputation are well known in Romania.

KPMG’s tax services help clients to deal with the often complex Romanian taxation system. We help businesses to comply with legal requirements as well as advising on opportunities for them  to reduce their tax burden.


We consider that any business, no matter how complex it is or which industry it is from, is confronted with three major challenges: growth, governance and performance. Nothing is considered in isolation but in terms of how it will promote overall corporate wellbeing. For clients, this means that KPMG staff tell the whole story, not the abridged version. They take time to really understand your business and are plugged into the issues that make it tick.


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