At KPMG 2014, we provide highly professional, value creating audit services to our professional and demanding clients. We service large, medium sized, growth-oriented and complex corporations based on our strong local knowledge and a truly international mindset and network. We team up with KPMG colleagues in member firms around the world to provide our clients with globally consistent and independent audit services.
Audit Services

From our two offices in Copenhagen and Aarhus as well as selected regional satellite offices we are ready to serve our clients and meet them wherever they are – based on a lean and efficient setup. We are tightly linked to our offices abroad and never far from our clients' foreign operations. We always set the best team - no matter where your business is located.

The value of audit

In essence, audit services increase the reliability of financial information prepared by clients for use by investors, creditors and other stakeholders. Audits delivered by KPMG 2014 also provide our clients with valuable input to improve their businesses where relevant. Watch the value to audit video.

Corporations from various industry sectors may expect auditors and advisors from KPMG 2014 to possess strong technical skills in accounting matters, etc. In addition KPMG 2014 provides relevant industry sector knowledge and background material. At KPMG 2014, we focus on both areas and draw on our technical specialists within IFRS, tax and Corporate Social Responsibility as well as our industry sector teams and create the right team to serve corporations in Denmark with a maximum focus on both competences and knowledge.

Our audit services are based on our values of integrity, quality and professionalism as well as a dedication to cutting through complexity.

Accounting Research Online

KPMG’s Accounting Research Online is a comprehensive library of accounting, auditing and financial reporting guidance and literature.

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Henrik O. Larsen

Head of Audit

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