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The constant need to adapt to strong dynamic markets is the continuous challenge of differentiation and continuing evolution of companies business models, deriving their competitiveness from its transformation ability and aligned evolution of its business strategy, organizational model, operational processes, information management, infrastructure, equipment and human resources.
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In this context, KPMG's Portugal Management Consulting Team is committed to offer a wide range of services and solutions which may help its customers transforming their businesses and accelerating in a consistent and sustainable way their performance and competitiveness, using a sectorial approach focusing on their own characteristics and challenges, and based in similar national and international experiences and strong and tested methodologies, deriving from that to transformation and innovation projects totally result oriented.


In order to achieve these goals, our team relies on a differentiation model based on the following principles:


  • Distinct understanding of clients’ needs and context within the sectors in which they operate, in order to design a personalized approach of their challenges - KPMG closely follows the main national and international sectors of activity and the organizations operating within them, by elaborating studies or in partnership with universities and investigation, as well as leveraging their skills in excellence centers located in a wide range of countries.
  • Use of specific know-how and proved methodologies that assure quality, speed and accuracy of the analysis and design of innovative solutions - KPMG’s work is leveraged essentially on its know-how and its own frameworks – KPMG methodologies – to ensure the proper structuring of the work, which reflects best practices in addressing problems extensively addressed, increasing result predictability and reducing substantially the theoretical experimentalism risk without practical use.
  • The team’s multidisciplinary skills covering the key components to improve the operations and the customers’ profitability - KPMG's Management Consulting practice in Portugal has certified professionals in specific KPMG methodologies and management methodologies used globally, with multidisciplinary abilities and an extensive experience concerning consulting projects to the level of diagnosis, conception and support to complex projects implementation in a national and international scope.


We do not intend to address the companies’ challenges through our website, but we describe some examples of what we do together with our customers. Naturally, what we do depends on the specificity of each business, the existing constraints and challenges and the goals to achieve.


If you want to know how we can help you create value for your business, please contact us to learn more about our offers and receive support from one of our experts.