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An effective, well-managed Information Technology (IT) system is one of the most valuable business advantages an organization can secure. The right technology, implemented properly, appropriately managed and monitored, can lead to significant gains in growth and efficiency. In IT, to succeed and ‘get it right’ is a challenge and failing represents a significant cost – not only in terms of what is spent, but also in terms of the loss of effectiveness. We work with clients to analyze business technology issues within their businesses.
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IT Advisory Partner

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A client might approach us for assistance with:


  • IT strategy – we work with clients to develop a clear IT strategy that fully supports their business objectives providing a future IT vision addressing IT architecture, IT processes, IT costs and IT governance.
  • IT performance – we work with clients to improve their IT processes according with international standards such as CMMI, ITIL and ISO 20000 and to measure that improvement. We prepare our clients to achieve their certification goals.
  • IT sourcing – we offer guidance on the most appropriate strategies for outsourcing IT services, and ensure that effective controls are implemented.
  • IT cost optimization – we work with clients to help identify the most effective ways to optimize IT costs, lowering operational costs and investing in innovative IT solutions that promote business growth and efficiency.
  • IT transformation – we work with clients to establish and manage IT transformation programs, in order to support business transformation plans, to implement an IT strategy, to increase the probability of IT performance, to implement IT sourcing strategies or to optimize costs.
  • IT project advisory – we work with clients to enhance their projects portfolio management and we assist with program and project management activities to manage project risks and to enhance the probability of achieving project benefits on time, on budget and on requirements.
  • IT solutions – we work with clients to establish a sound IT systems architecture and to identify and select IT solutions that fit their business needs. In specific areas of expertise, we also design, develop and implement bespoke IT systems, using agile development methodologies.
  • Business intelligence – we work with our clients to integrate and transform existing operational data on accurate, insightful and valuable business information that effectively drives business performance.


Technological innovation brings tremendous business opportunities but also implies new risks. Often, regulatory compliance imposes to the organization the identification and control of IT risks. We work with clients to manage their IT risks.


A client might approach us for assistance with:


  • IT Controls – we work with our clients do design, implement and evaluate IT general controls and/or application controls to manage IT risks, in accordance with the COBIT framework.
  • Information protection – we work with our clients to implement information security management systems according with ISO 27000 and to prepare them, if required, for ISO 27000 certification. We help our clients to establish a sound information security strategy and to support it with proper leadership, governance and organizational capabilities, information security polices, and an adequate information security program. We assist our clients with various information security processes, namely risk management, data loss protection, identity and access management, security awareness, security monitoring, and ethical hacking.
  • IT Attestation – we work with clients to provide independent assurance to third parties that IT systems are operating within an adequate control environment, in accordance with SAS 70 or ISAE 3402 standards or other agreed upon standards/procedures.
  • IT internal audit – we work with clients to fill specific skills gaps or perform the entire IT audit function. Outsourcing or co-sourcing IT audit to KPMG is a cost effective means for clients to have access to the right skills at the right time.  Our IT Audit professionals bring a wealth of business and technology experience to provide clients with the skills they need, when they need them.


In a broader risk management perspective, we work with our clients to enhance their resilience to threats that can affect the continuity of their critical operations like natural catastrophes, terrorism or cyber attacks.


  • Business continuity – we work with clients to implement business continuity management systems according with BS25999. We prepare our clients for BS 25999 certification or simply help them in their specific needs like performing a business impact analysis or a risk assessment, developing their recovery strategy (people, premises, IT, infrastructure, suppliers), developing emergency response, business recovery, IT disaster recovery and crisis management plans, facilitating exercises and performing BCM system audits.

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