KPMG International Case Competition 

Your thinking could take you further than you imagined.
KPMG International Case Competition

To Madrid, for example

Are you ready for a case competition challenge of international scale? This could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for…


KPMG International Case Competition is a unique project, which gives you and your three teammates a chance to work on real-world business problems. The cases will mirror the business challenges our KPMG Audit, Tax and Advisory teams handle every day. We’ll test your ability to evaluate real problems and develop workable solutions. This is a great way to practice thinking outside the box and prove you’re ready to embark on a successful career.


KICC is also an opportunity to network with your peers from around the world. If you win your national level of competition, you will travel on an all-expenses-paid trip to compete in the International finals in Madrid. You will have the chance to deal with students from different countries, solving business cases, and experience an unforgettable adventure. 

How KICC works?



How to apply?


A team of four students should complete one application form and send it to the address kicc@kpmg.pl until 16th of January 2013.


You can find the application form here (XLS, 656KB).


Please send back the form with the name of your team in the file name.




Who can participate?


To participate, you and your teammates don't need to be studying a particular subject, but you are required to have:


  • Strong interest in business and a passion for excellence
  • Strong leadership and task management skills
  • Excellent English communication skills
  • The ability to work under pressure
  • The ability to absorb a range of information quickly
  • A talent for thinking through ideas and presenting strategic solutions
  • The ability to inspire others to do their best.



Do I have to be a student to participate?


Yes, only active students of Polish universities can participate in the KPMG International Case Competition. Your intended degree and field of study can vary, and we encourage students from all disciplines to participate in their local competitions.



 What types of cases are analyzed?


Challenging cases on a variety of topics are reviewed. KPMG provides many professional services to our clients, and the cases analyzed at the international competition reflect this. For example, cases may vary from a highly technical finance case to a broader consultative marketing case. At the international level, teams should be ready for anything.




What is the prize for the winning team in Madrid?


In addition to the pride of knowing that you are the champion amongst top international teams, the winning team will receive 2,000 euro towards future travel, in keeping with KPMG's commitment to promoting global networking.




  What benefits will I take away from this experience?


  • Gain exposure to KPMG leaders and professionals from around the globe
  • Get valuable feedback and advice from industry experts
  • Acquire a better understanding of KPMG's culture and what it can offer you
  • Meet people from other cultures and make global connections
  • Get real insight into how a global organization operates thinking
  • Test yourself and increase your confidence
  • Get real-world experience and build your business skills
  • Add a differentiator to your resume or CV
  • Have an epic adventure you'll remember for the rest of your life.



What is the cost to participate?


There is no cost to participate in the International Finals. All travel costs to the Finals in Madrid are covered by KPMG.



 What are the key dates?

  • 4th – 16th of January – registration of teams
  • 18th – 22nd of January – on-line English language test
  • 28th of January – 4th of February – solving a business case on-line
  • 19th of February – National Finals
  • 2nd – 5th of April – International Finals in Madrid



Check out our global website for more information, including frequently asked questions.

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