Grants & Incentives 

Cash grants from public funds received from different sources in Poland and from the EU may allow for both a reduction of investment costs and savings for a company’s operations.

KPMG in Poland has a Grants & Incentives Team dedicated to providing services for entities interested in winning public financial support for their activities and the advisory in the scope of state aid. Our professionals assist in the effective use of available financing sources for the purposes connected with, among others, planned investment, creating new workplaces, development and research projects, ecological activities or training for employees. The proper preparation of state aid strategy, applications, fulfillment of numerous formal requirements as well as negotiations with public authorities are all critical to effectively obtaining and using grants and incentives.

Kiejstut Żagun

Kiejstut Żagun

Director, Head of Grants & Incentives, KPMG in Poland

+48 (22) 528 11 74

Our services

Assessment of public resource financing
In many cases the given investment or activity (e.g. R&D) may be financed from different sources, like EU grants, national grants, tax exemptions, or preferential loans and R&D tax credit. We can help to identify all the possibilities for obtaining support, can advise on aid funding, evaluate the possibility of receiving funds, present an optimal strategy for the activities to be performed and facilitate the procedure for obtaining the support.

Assistance in obtaining financial support from EU funds and the state budget
As part of the procedure of obtaining grants, we recommend the steps to be taken in order to obtain the maximum level of support, we negotiate state aid packages for investors and we can prepare applications. At the next stage, the Grants & Incentives team helps oversee the progress of the application process by maintaining contact with the institutions responsible for implementing particular funds. When the agreement is concluded, we help in fulfilling the requirements which accompany the grant (e.g. financial and accounting procedures).

Incentives are available for projects in following areas:


  • R&D - Investments
  • Pro-enviromental activieis
  • reduction of energy consumption.


Incentives for R&D There are plenty of incentive schemes to suport R&D activities in companies, among others:


  • R&D tax credit
  • Cash grants for R&D
  • Cash granst for R&D infrastructure
  • Incentives for selected business sectors
  • Grants for collaboration/consortia projects
  • Incentives from Hoziron 2020.


Assistance in identifying project location, startup and conducting of business activity in Special Economic Zones
Conducting business activity in a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) based on a relevant permit can enable, among other benefits, profiting from CIT and real estate tax exemptions. We help companies to obtain their permit and in negotiations regarding its content, which are key aspects of the scale of tax exemption. On behalf of enterprises, we can help to negotiate SEZ status for an investor. We also provide ongoing advisory services for entities already operating in SEZs, in the area of tax advisory services and advisory services regarding settlement and reporting of state aid.


Reviews of disbursed state aid
We conduct reviews in the process of disbursed state aid with a view toward:


  • Meeting the requirements of granting state aid
  • Fulfilling information requirements regarding received state aid
  • Identifying received means as state aid
  • Not meeting the requirements for obtaining state aid, insufficient or ineffective reporting of state aid, can force an enterprise to return their grant along with interest.

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