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KPMG's International Executive Services (IES) helps companies deal with their globally mobile workforces. We can provide a single source for addressing international assignment issues.

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Beyond borders

New Zealand tax
Beyond borders: A New Zealand tax guide for internationally mobile people and business.

Global Mobility Services brochure

Global Mobility Services brochure
An overview of the Global Mobility Services (GMS) practice and how they can help businesses grow and manage their international workforce.
KPMG can help reduce the tax costs associated with international assignees. This is achieved through tax planning on policies, payroll and compliance, and global compensation.
By working together with employer organisations and using our experience and global networks, we provide practical solutions to our clients. 
Our approach is easy to understand and helps manage the costs and risks from the complex tax issues of a mobile work force. 

Managing your global workforce
For many global organisations, the pressure to compete means increasing the size and scope of their global workforce.
The demands of growing a global workforce include reporting, withholding and regulatory compliance issues in each country in which your employees operate. This can use up significant resources.

How KPMG can help
Our IES practice can help with your global mobility program.
We have the people, experience and technology to you, at any stage of your global development.

We deliver New Zealand tax advice on:
  • withholding requirements for payroll
  • Fringe Benefit Tax obligations
  • efficient remuneration planning
  • tax residence
  • pension or social security issues
  • employee share schemes
  • the management of tax costs and exposures of an international workforce.


We can also provide advice on the offshore considerations for your organisation.    


Income tax compliance
Our services cover the compliance cycle: from pre-departure counselling, income tax return preparation and tax reconciliations, to correspondence with the tax authorities.
We can provide:
  • individually personalised tax returns for international assignees
  • help with tax return compliance
  • advice to individuals on the New Zealand tax treatment of their investments, including trusts and other tax concerns that might otherwise distract them from their assignment
  • reviews for our employer clients to help ensure they are compliant with their payroll and fringe benefit tax obligations.


KPMG's global network


We are part of a network of professionals from KPMG member firms. Our network -over 1,800 professionals from KPMG member firms worldwide - provides services for more than 60,000 mobile employees in more than 800 organisations.

Taxation of international executives

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