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  • Date: 22/03/2012

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Peter Scott

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Indirect Tax

We can help you with GST compliance, property, software based reviews of systems and cross border issues.

GST data analysis 

GST compliance: the integrity of your underlying data

We can identify errors, exceptions and opportunities and ensure you are legitimately maximising your input tax claim.
GST return
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GST data analysis benefits

  • Preventing errors that can arise in core data emanating from the accounts payable and/or accounts receivable subsidiary ledgers.
  • Reducing the need for corrections, thereby avoiding  time, costs, and reputational damage with Inland Revenue.
  • Helping to provide evidence of due care;  possibly reducing your risk profile if a tax audit occurs. 


We can assist your organisation


For more information about a GST data analysis, contact our Indirect Tax team.

Taxmail - Comment on topical tax issues from KPMG NZ Tax. 

GST review

Manage your risk and cash flows with effective and efficient GST processes.