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If you are a medium sized  privately owned business then you can get specialist advice from KPMG's dedicated team of Business Advisory professionals.
Evaluate Business

Evaluate your Business 

As Nobel laureate economist Herbert Simon said, "the scarce resource is not information; it is the processing capacity to attend to information."


Often, business operators are inundated with reports, calls, statutory requirement requests and more.  Running a business today requires a high degree of sophistication and efficiency.


For example, have you ever found yourself asking these types of questions?


  • After working twelve hours a day what have I made?
  • Will I have enough cash?
  • Where am I making money and how can I improve my business?
  • How are my margins tracking and my net profitability?
  • What should I focus on next?
  • Am I achieving my goals?
  • Am I so focused on day-to-day activities I’m missing what’s happening in the marketplace?


At KPMG we are passionate about helping our clients focus on the key items in their business. Not just documenting what they have to do to improve their business, but rather what they should do first. To help you achieve this, we offer these services.



"Even though our company is small with 8 full time staff, we have been working with KPMG for over 5 years. We find that the savings in stress and removal of roadblocks to success fairly reflect our ongoing investment in their services. KPMG is a valued source of independent advice, professionalism and assurance, which allows me to make more effective decisions for the growth and profitability of the business.


Through our ongoing engagement with one of KPMG’s strategic advisers, we have a great independent sounding board together with access to strong commercial guidance to prioritise opportunities and resolve major issues. On the other side, the accounting and tax services offer conservative, rigorous outputs, which we can rely on with confidence. "

Mike Hanna - Managing Director, Enviropod New Zealand Limited


What does success mean to you?

By assisting our clients to fully understand the key drivers of long-term growth and profitable performance in their business, we can then provide the right tools and expertise to ensure they use this knowledge to execute their plan to obtain success, in whatever form that success takes.


You only need the key information that enables you to make decisions. A properly designed reporting system will deliver this information as well as:


  • cash flow analysis and forecasting to support your business plan
  • aligning risk appetite with your strategy
  • reducing operational surprises and losses
  • allowing you to seize opportunities as early as possible
  • improving the decisions around where you spend your money
  • allowing an evaluation of how well your business is being run.


By sorting though the multitude of information and data that surrounds you to identify what’s important right now, KPMG can assist you in converting all that data into plain English reports that enable you to make the right decisions in a timely and cost effective manner.

Learn how we can help you if you need to access advice and resources to evaluate your business success.  Call now or request an interview to get friendly and professional assistance.

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