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Corporate Finance 

KPMG's Corporate Finance team provides objective unbiased advice on a range of financial transactions undertaken by corporations, financial institutions and government departments. Our team is fluent and insightful across an array of products in today's increasingly complex financial markets.

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Ian Thursfield

Ian Thursfield

Partner, Deal Advisory

+64 9 367 5858

Troy Newton

Troy Newton

Partner - Deal Advisory

+64 4 816 4710

Our services

We advise buyers, sellers, borrowers, lenders and financial investors in:
  • equity capital raising: public offerings and placements
  • debt capital raising: corporate, sovereign, project and structured finance
  • capital restructuring and securitisations
  • acquisitions, mergers, takeovers, buy-outs
  • divestitures and demergers
  • joint ventures and transaction alliances.
Our advice takes many forms:
  • analysing strategic options
  • assessing value
  • structuring the deal
  • designing mechanisms for presenting the deal to the marketplace
  • managing the transaction process
  • negotiating and securing the optimal terms for a successful closing.
We also seek to back our professional judgement in furnishing fairness opinions and other assurance to comfort investors and regulators.
Our professionals’ advice is supported by:
  • a true understanding of the issues and challenges faced by our clients
  • global execution capability
  • connectivity with the financial markets
  • deep sector knowledge
  • negotiation prowess.

Helping you achieve your objectives

KPMG in New Zealand is paid by you to advocate on your behalf and your behalf only: our sole interest, in this particular regard, is helping you achieve your objectives. Our advice is not tainted by a need to sell specific products or pre-packaged solutions.
We are not dealers in securities or arrangers of other financial transactions, so can remain indifferent to which type, if any, you choose to meet your goals.
We aim to ensure that our advice to you is free from client or motivational conflicts. We will always seek to develop a long term relationship with you to help meet your needs beyond the immediate transaction.
From raising or restructuring capital, to buying or selling a business, to making strategic and policy decisions based on value, KPMG will see things from your perspective, advocate for your position, challenge conventional wisdom and employ creativity and skill in devising and executing a favourable solution. One of our key measures of success is the achievement of your goals.

Our global network

KPMG's respected global Corporate Finance team comprises more than 2,300 professionals working collaboratively from 105 offices in 60 countries across the globe.  Our team includes former investment bankers and senior government officials, along with lawyers, economists, business analysts and accountants.

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