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Business Effectiveness 

Our Business Effectiveness teams can help you improve performance, increase revenue, reduce costs and deliver value to your customers.


We have extensive experience in the ‘3Ps’ – Purpose, Process and People – necessary to deploy your strategy, to help you focus and to enable you to run your business efficiently and effectively.


Our Business Effectiveness professionals can empower you to make better business decisions – decisions that are at the heart of successful business transformation and change management.

Our teams serve clients in many countries and in all industries. We work collaboratively, advising on the following.

Supply chain and operations

Today not only companies compete in the markets, whole supply chains even supply nets compete.


We are experienced in improving businesses' end to end value streams, based on lean and six sigma principles.


We can help you to:

  • deliver the service and products faster
  • reduce inventory and working capital
  • eliminate non value adding steps (waste)
  • increase quality and reduce variations
  • manage supplier risk, process risk and product portfolio risk
  • deploy strategic sourcing and rapid value procurement
  • align all your activities along your value stream to create customer value.

Lean business transformation

Becoming more efficient and effective by applying lean principles is not a project but a journey of constant change taking purpose, processes and people into account.


We can help you on this journey by:


  • being the only ‘Big 4’ consulting firm able to deliver Lean Certification training cources which are accredited through Cardiff University Business School’s Lean Enterprise Research Centre
  • aligning all activities towards your breakthrough objectives by implementing “strategy deployment” (Hoshin Kanri)
  • increasing your capability in problem solving, root cause analysis and counter measure activities
  • guiding you through an approved itinerary of lean transformation
  • managing people and change.

Sales and customers

Every profit oriented organisation has metrics in place which reflect their “Voice of the business” (VoB). The main reason for the existence of almost any business is to deliver value towards real customer demand or “Voice of the customer” (VoC). 


We can help you to grow your business and become customer centric by:


  • using “voice of the customer” to increase sales and bind existing customers
  • measuring what customer's want by implementing real customer related metrics
  • doubling your hit rate by increasing your sales force efficiency and effectiveness
  • differentiating your call centre from others.

Shared services and outsourcing

By challenging the ‘purpose’ and core competencies of your organisation, outsourcing and shared services may become an attractive option.


We can help you develop shared service centres and start outsourcing.


KPMG was ranked as “2012 World’s Best Outsourcing Advisors” by the IAOP.

Jack Carroll

Jack Carroll

Partner - Management Consulting

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Peter Chew

Peter Chew 

Associate Director - Management Consulting

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Simon Hunter

Simon Hunter

Partner - Performance Consulting

+64 9 367 5811

Accelerating the lean transformation

lean transform
Adopt a lean practice and become an organisation that is faster and more cost effective than your competition.

Lean and continuous improvement

LEAN and Continuous improvement
Lean and continuous improvement – harnessing the passion of the front-line to deliver better public services.