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  • Date: 30/05/2013

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Project organisation and establishing a programme management office 

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Project management leadership series - Issue 1

Project organisation and establishing a Programme Management Office (PMO) is one of the most critical components of managing programmes and projects.


There is no clear “one size fits all” and actual practice varies greatly. How to organise the PMO is therefore one of the more challenging decisions project owners make.   


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We explore key concepts to consider when organising and staffing a programme or major project, as well as key considerations for establishing a programme or project PMO.
  • Do we have the right number and type of resources for the project?
  • How do we effectively structure our organisation to manage large projects?
  • Do we have the required internal capabilities and capacity to develop the project?
  • How will we manage/leverage resources from various sources?
  • Are all the key roles and responsibilities known and documented?
  • Should we establish a PMO? If so what skills do we need?
  • How should we organise a PMO?
  • Should our PMO be responsible solely
    for managing the project control
    infrastructure or should it actively
    manage all of our major projects?
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Project management leadership series

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If not properly managed, large-scale projects often result in significant business and financial risks.

Project management survey 2013

KPMG - Project Management Survey 2013
New Zealand organisations are still failing to extract real business value from their investment in projects.