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  • Date: 12/02/2012

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Chartered Accountants: Options to outsource your finance function 

Flexibility can be the key to improving efficiency when it comes to the finance function in your business. Outsourcing some or all aspects of the finance function can help reduce costs, reduce risk and allow for better decision making.

Outsourcing can provide more opportunities to concentrate on growing the business and improving efficiencies, because less time is spent attending to compliance and accounting matters. At KPMG, we are able to offer a full range of services to fit your situation, customised to the size of your current in-house accounting resources.

Outsourcing flexibility can allow you to do the following:

Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO) services

You may already be using a proficient bookkeeper or accountant and mainly require input over and above the usual processing of transactions and delivery of monthly reporting. Engaging a virtual CFO can meet this need by providing you with a consistent, independent perspective on your business plus the benefit of having someone to readily interpret the implications of your results and discuss them with you. These insights typically lead to better decision making, providing you with the tools to transform the performance of your business.

Virtual Chief Financial Controller (CFC) services

Consider outsourcing the Accounting Function itself. We believe in driving efficiency - freeing up time and resources from your accounting function can help you to allocate limited internal resources more effectively.

At KPMG we are ready to assist non audit clients with CFO and CFC services and will always ensure strict independence is maintained to support provision of objective, insightful input.

Daily processing & management reporting

You can outsource the day-to-day processing and management reporting function. This is like having your own “virtual Management Accounting Team.” We work with you to identify the parts of the accounting function which need further expertise or assistance so that you can receive the reports and data in a timely and efficient manner.

Assistance with short term staffing

The cost and uncertainty around finding reliable and effective short term staff to work in your finance area can be a strain for business owners. We offer a cost-effective solution irrespective of whether you need temporary or longer term resource to meet your requirements.

Payroll services

KPMG is very experienced at helping companies achieve greater efficiencies while saving money due to outsourcing the payroll function.

It’s a simple process. All that’s needed is to advise us of your payroll details and any changes as and when they occur and we can look after the rest. This includes keeping up to date with the latest legislation and compliance requirements.

Annual accounts

If you need help finalising your year end accounts for filing and tax reasons, we also are able to assist you.

Talk to KPMG about outsourcing any aspect of your finance function and unlock the efficiencies and cost-savings that lie hidden in your business. Call us on 0800-224-254.

Disclaimer: Chartered Accountants Article Series: The information in this article is for general interest only and should not be relied upon or treated as business or professional advice. For specific professional advice please contact us on 0800-224-254..

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