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Agribusiness Agenda - Exploring our Global Future
Agribusiness Agenda 2015 volume 2, found lack of collaboration between industry players is a concern for primary sector’s emerging leaders.
Agribusiness Agenda - Exploring our Global Future
Top-of-mind for agribusiness leaders is uncertainty around the future of the dairy sector & emergence of well capitalised dairy processing operations.
Agribusiness Agenda - Exploring our Global Future
New Zealand’s primary sector must grapple with a range of global forces impacting food production to remain relevant in the agri-food markets of 2050.
Agribusiness Agenda - Growth in an uncertain world
Agribusiness Agenda 2014 reflects on opportunities and challenges China present, the role of data on the industry and the sectors’ ability to grow.
Agribusiness Agenda - Needs of the environment, communities and businesses
KPMG Agribusiness Agenda Volume 4 explores what sustainability means to the primary sector and its success.
Agribusiness Agenda 2013 - Truly Customer-centric Industry
New Zealand’s primary sector needs to develop a customer-centric approach to its marketing, find out how in KPMG Agribusiness Agenda 2013, volume 3.
Agribusiness Agenda 2013 - Maintaining People-Powered Performance
This volume tackles some of the issues and challenges associated with people in the primary sector.
Agribusiness Agenda 2013 - State of The Nation
The thoughts and ideas of our nation’s agribusiness leaders from a series of roundtables across the country.
Agri business Agenda - innovative future
It is critical that our food, fibre and timber products are more innovative, of better quality and safer than the rest of the world.
KPMG agribusiness agenda 2012
We need industry good bodies that are able to take a longer term perspective on strategic opportunities.
KPMG agribusiness agenda - table of veges
agribusiness agenda 2012
The world will not spoon feed us opportunities; nobody owes us a living.
Agribusiness Agenda 2011
A comprehensive report on the 38 key recommendations for New Zealand agribusiness.
Agribusiness Agenda 2011
Analysis and commentary on 12 key opportunities and critical challenges that the industry faces at the start of the new decade.

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