New Zealand


Our Retail practice can help you address issues facing your industry in the key areas of governance, performance and growth.  


We work closely with our colleagues in the Asia-Pacific region to provide skilled professionals to assist our clients make the most of the challenges and opportunities presented by the constantly changing business environment.

Our services

  • Reporting & regulation ― corporate governance and stakeholder expectations.
  • Sustainability & the environment ― business operating model structure.
  • Operational efficiency ― supply chain management.
  • Market entry and expansion.
  • Retail format strategies.
  • Consumer trends.
  • Managing the financial implications of sourcing from South East Asia.
  • Private label.
  • Private equity investment.

KPMG in the Asia Pacific region is the key sponsor of the Retail 500 publication prepared by Retail Asia.

Current trends

New Zealand has one of the highest retail densities in the world. Key challenges in the sector include:


  • the impact on retailers from the slow down in the economy and the associated changes in consumer behaviours
  • substitution of sales from local physical stores to online retailers which could be based anywhere in the world
  • the challenges that volatility in exchange rates present to retailers. 


These factors are resulting in retailers placing increased focus on their supply chains and procurement practices. This often means increasing the focus on sourcing relationships with key suppliers in South East Asia and India.

Consumer Currents

Consumer Currents
The latest issue examines the battle for manufacturers to maintain margins in an era of rising customer buying power.