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Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals 

KPMG’s Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals practice can help you recognise and make the most of the opportunities that arise as the industry develops. Whether you are a global player with significant asset investment or a specialty producer in New Zealand, our professionals will be able to help you.


Ian Proudfoot

Ian Proudfoot

Head of Agribusiness & Lead Partner, Consumer & Industrial Products

09 367 5882

We continuously strive to keep abreast of industry trends, drivers and issues through sharing global knowledge and industry insights.

KPMG’s global Chemicals sector practice is one of the leading advisers to the chemicals industry worldwide.

KPMG’s global Pharmaceuticals practice is dedicated to assisting businesses of all sizes from biotechnology start-ups to large multinational pharmaceutical companies.

How we can help

  • Manage profit margins.
  • Deal with mergers, acquisitions and disposals.
  • Integrate sustainability and the environment in your day to day operations.
  • Provide supply chain management and optimisation.
  • Manage risk and optimise the returns from contracting with Pharmac.
  • Build foundations for the future through innovation.
  • Audit compliance of sales forces with current regulations.
  • Manage competitions from generics.

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