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At KPMG our people think beyond borders for enriching life experiences and the chance to broaden their industry knowledge. The ‘Overseas Experience’ is part of Kiwi DNA. At KPMG we embrace the Big OE ambition and mobilise our top talent across the globe.

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Ready to join KPMG?

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The KPMG world extends to over 140 countries - as a member of this network we offer truly global opportunities. Our international assignments are either short term (3 months - 1 year) or long term (1-5 years) and offer a unique insight into different cultures, methods and client environments.


KPMG people often incorporate personal travel with offshore assignments to further enhance their outbound experience. The KPMG Global Opportunities policy provides comprehensive assistance, including airfare, accommodation, spending allowance, airport pickup and participation in office induction.


Each summer we operate an Audit “busy season” programme offering high performers the opportunity to go on short-term international assignment to KPMG offices overseas. Business Advisory staff also participate in our international programmes. A new overseas exchange has recently been introduced to allow our Tax professionals to work in international offices.

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