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Life balance 

No work life story is ever the same; it's about our people making choices that are meaningful to them. We encourage our people to continually think about life in the broadest sense, encompassing family, friends and community as well as work.

Olive Wallis
"KPMG provided the opportunity to work part-time (3 days a week) which meant I could stay up-to-date with tax  developments and continue to service clients.  Keeping a foot in the door was vital given the constant pace of tax changes, but also providing quality time to spend with the family.  Having now a teenage son, flexibility is the key to a successful combination of work and family."  Olive - Partner, Tax, Christchurch.


Personal life intertwines with professional life, and meeting the right balance is important for staff and the business alike. We champion balance as a way of working, helping us better relate to our clients and making KPMG a more vibrant place to work.


We offer flexible work practices such as study leave, career breaks, remote working and the option to reduce work hours. Client and supplier discounts are also on offer, including health insurance and banking packages.  A variety of programmes focused on ‘Your Wellbeing’ provide our people with the knowledge and skill set to achieve and sustain the right balance. To firmly set your work/life equilibrium, social events and initiatives to support our communities punctuate the calendar at KPMG.

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