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KPMG New Zealand's magazine for our alumni


We’re delighted to share a number of exciting developments we’ve made so far in 2013, as we reflect on current initiatives and look ahead at what’s still to come.

In a business where our people and our customers are our highest priority,
articulating our purpose of fuelling New Zealand’s prosperity has been one of
our key focuses this year.

We’re sure many of you will agree that helping fuel New Zealand’s prosperity is something people at KPMG have been really passionate about for a long time and what we’ve always aimed to do when we help our clients grow.

By prosperity we don’t just mean health, wealth and well-being but shared
wealth and lasting wellbeing for all New Zealanders.

This is more than our goal – it’s our reason for being. It’s driven by our desire
to stand for something that is truly inspiring and worth working towards. It’s
something we’re proud to share with you further over the next pages of this edition.

Given New Zealand is a nation of business-owners and creators (one in seven Kiwis are classified as entrepreneurs) we want to bring greater energy and effort in supporting our home grown businesses to really build, protect, and realise their value. Our new Private Enterprise Group is focussed on helping our privately owned businesses do just that, and our recently launched Farm Enterprise group is all about providing the right support at the farm gate.

In this issue we also profile some of our current and future business leaders
with a spotlight on Asia and the Government sector, and look at where in the
world our secondees are placed.

A special acknowledgement has to be made to Ross Emery on his 50 years
service with the firm – what an incredible milestone. He continues to be a
valued member of the KPMG team.

Please feel free to share with us any ideas you or your organisation has to help fuel New Zealand’s prosperity. The world is full of opportunities for you, your business and New Zealand. We need to work together to seize these opportunities. We look forward to enabling you to do great things throughout the remainder of the year. 


Ross Buckley - Executive Chairman,  Paul Herrod - Chief Executive

In this issue

  • Fuelling New Zealand's prosperity - Sharing our commitment to a cause beyond profit

  • An enterprising spirit:
    KPMG Private Enterprise Group:boosting the lifeblood of our economy; Bringing our business inside the farm gate


  • Building better business leaders - Spotlight on Asia and insights to Government


  • Farewell & welcome -Annoucements of Partner movements


  • May the "blue" force be with you - Delivering benefit for New Zealand’s non-profit organisations

  • Work hard, play hard -Our business, sporting and social networks in action


  • Where is the world? - Our secondees on the move
    • Movers and shakers - Who’s gone where?