Governance and Risk Management 

Corporate Governance is designed to help any organization manage the risks inherent in the governance process.


Enterprise Risk Management identifies, quantifies, and prioritizes strategic key business risks to help minimize loss and maximize shareholder value.

Executives are under relentless pressure to identify the various risks facing their organizations. They need to understand how these risks influence commercial decisions and the formulation of business strategy.

Corporate Governance

Assesses governance structure in the context of the business environment and business risks, focusing on such areas as improving board operations, embedding governance principles in corporate culture, monitoring and evaluation, and stewardship.


Enterprise Risk Management

It is an efficient and effective process for conducting a risk assessment —a top-down approach that identifies and quantifies the risks that could affect the strategic well being of an organization.

KPMG’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) methodology takes a structured, holistic approach to managing the uncertainties that businesses face. It relies on the creation of robust internal mechanisms for gathering, analyzing, monitoring and understanding the relevant information.

KPMG assists organizations to establish effective ERM practices and systems. Our professionals can help the organization find the right balance between risk and control by linking process risk directly back to the organization's objectives.

For example, we help them to:


  • conduct enterprise risk assessments
  • evaluate their current risk management practices
  • develop practical plans for attaining risk management objectives
  • make better informed decisions about risk and embed risk and control awareness into decision making processes.


In working with organizations, KPMG deploys a proven global ERM methodology. Organizations are able to access a core team of ERM professionals supported by appropriate industry and technical practitioners and a sophisticated knowledge management system.