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Daring to be different in 2015


KPMG Luxembourg today announced that “daring to be different” has brought the firm healthy growth in 2015.


Ile aux Clowns: plus de 10.000 sourires en 2015


Il était une fois, une Ile aux Clowns peuplée d’une bande de Clowns au grand cœur.


M&A advise:  acquisition of equity stake in Enovos International S.A


KPMG Luxembourg acts as M&A adviser to the purchasing consortium on the acquisition of a 28.36% equity stake in Enovos International S.A.


People Business (PDF, 757 KB)


L’application de tout un éventail de textes réglementaires a valeur de garde-fou.. (Source: PaperJam)


KPMG Luxembourg keeps top status in world tax rankings


KPMG has today announced that it has retained its Tier 1 status in a global ranking of Luxembourg’s leading tax advisory firms.


No more consumers (PDF, 2.46 MB)


Circular economy in Luxembourg – a view from different stakeholders. (Source: Delano)


KPMG Luxembourg récompensé - Best HR Performance Tool


KPMG s’est vu remettre le prix du Best HR Performance Tool, pour son enquête annuelle sur la rémunération lors de la 13ème édition des HR awards.


Luxemburg zur Anpassung seines Geschäftsmodells gezwungen (PDF, 120 KB)


Der Finanzsektor muss ohne Bankgeheimnis auskommen, der Staat die Unternehmensbesteuerung reformieren. (Source: Neue Zürcher Zeitung)


Don’t delay preparations for the post-MiFID 2 world


MiFID 2 will necessitate strategic decisions, a review of investment service offerings including huge IT development needs.


Substance emerges as “key pillar of BEPs” at KPMG Conference


Tax specialists from Europe and the United States gathered to discuss the OECD’s final BEPS reports and their expected impact in Luxembourg.


KPMG Luxembourg wins two Awards at Luxembourg Marketing & Communication Awards


Last Thursday 22 November, KPMG Luxembourg celebrated a double win at the Luxembourg Marketing & Communication Awards. The firm, nominated for the first time ever, was shortlisted for three awards and emerged winner in two categories: Best Event Project for its unforgettable beach, the “KPMG Plage”, and Best Customer Experience for the hologram of Prime Minister Xavier Bettel that it projected during the inauguration of its headquarters, 39JFK, in January this year.


La gestion d’actifs en 2015 : de nouvelles tendances sur le marché qui vont transformer ce business (PDF, 231 KB)


Le secteur de la gestion d’actifs est actuellement confronté à un certain nombre de défis et d’opportunités qui exercent une pression sur les marges et s’imposent dans les ordres du jour des Conseils d’Administration. (Source: Agefi Luxembourg)


“Luxembourg, we need your bridge” says Chinese economist at KPMG conference


When Chinese investments abroad overtake investments at home later this year, Europe - and Luxembourg as an investment hub - may benefit from the outflow of Chinese wealth: This was the optimistic message given by Chinese economist Min Tang during a KPMG conference on 14 October 2015.


KPMG Luxembourg launches #justKPMG campaign to celebrate new Partner appointments


KPMG Luxembourg has announced that it has appointed six new Partners, all promoted from within the firm. Lutfije Aktan, Giuliano Bidoli, Julien Bieber, Michael Eichmuller de Souza, Stephanie Smets and Konstanze Ziegler will assume their new roles on 1 October, and the firm will be rolling-out a campaign, #justKPMG, to show the faces behind the suits.


MOU positions KPMG as bridge to Europe for Chinese high-tech


KPMG Luxembourg has today announced a strategic collaboration with the Haidian Science Park, Beijing. The two organisations have signed a memorandum of understanding that will see KPMG help the Chinese high-tech enterprises based in the Haidian Science Park on their journey to internationalisation.


Fanning the digital flame (PDF, 268 KB)


Our lives have not just gone digital, but, as technological advancement speeds ahead, they keep going digital. This evolving landscape is creating tremendous opportunities for Luxembourg asset managers, while at the same time confronting them with enormous challenges. (Source: Luxemburger Wort, ALFI special)


KPMG advises Banco Popolare on preliminary €30.9 million deal


KPMG has today announced that its Deal Advisory – M&A team acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Banco Popolare, an Italian bank, in the sale of its Luxembourg subsidiary to Banque Havilland, a Luxembourg bank.


Natacha Oskian révèle les secrets de KPMG Plage


Le 3 juin dernier a été lancé KPMG Plage, une opération pleine de fraicheur qui a apporté le soleil au Luxembourg. Natacha Oskian, Directrice – MIC (Markets, Innovation and Communication) au sein de KPMG Luxembourg s’est prêtée au jeu des questions/réponses et dévoile aujourd’hui les moments clés de cette opération couronnée de succès

EU confirmation of soundness of advanced tax agreement system


KPMG Luxembourg welcomes EU confirmation of the soundness of advanced tax agreement system


Auf dem Kirchberg liegt der Strand (PDF, 214 KB)


Normalerweise gelten Wirtschaftspriifer und Beratungsunternehmen als solide aber todlangweilig. Einer der Branchenfiihrer stellt die Sache mit dem ,,langweilig" aber ganz konkret in Frage. KPMG bringt zum ersten Mal die Veranstaltungsreihe ,,KPMG Plage"- mit dem inoffiziellen Arbeitstitel ,,Summer of Funds" auf den Weg. (Source: Letzeburger Journal)

KPMG Luxembourg Foundation celebrates milestone of 1 million donations


and encourages the Luxembourg philanthropic community to keep up with international developments.


KPMG's Automotive Breakfast


KPMG Luxembourg organised for the second time a breakfast dedicated to the automotive sector.


KPMG Announces New Strategic Collaboration with Microsoft


Strategic collaboration to deliver new generation of data and analytics, cloud and business solutions.


KPMG named a worldwide leader in digital enterprise strategy consulting 


KPMG International has been named a Leader in the IDC MarketScape Worldwide Digital Enterprise Strategy Consulting Services 2015 Vendor Assessment (#254679, March 2015).


Demain est une aubaine (PDF, 217 KB)


Les changements successifs de règlementations et les évolutions technologiques entraînent une recomposition des industries, dont celle des fonds alternatifs. Pour le head of advisory de KPMG, le meilleur est à venir. (source: PaperJam)


Outsourcing vers le cloud: le meilleur des deux mondes? (PDF, 344 KB)


Les arguments en faveur d'une initiative d'outsourcing vers le cloud sont nombreux… (source: PaperJam)


Circular economy and the automotive sector


Marko Koerner tells the Automotion readers more about the concept of circular economy, on its perspectives for Luxembourg, and on how it could help the automotive sector develop notably by keeping the material in the cycle and reducing waste to zero. (source:


Alexandre Rochegude joins KPMG Luxembourg advisory department


KPMG Luxembourg will bolster its Fintech and start-up team by welcoming Alexandre Rochegude – best known as co-founder of the acclaimed mobile payment platform FlashiZ –as Partner in the firm.


Luxembourg Progressing on the Circular Economy, an Entrepreneurial Challenge 


KPMG Luxembourg hosted a conference on the topic of a Circular Economy on Thursday afternoon attracting around 100 people eager to learn about a new way of looking at the economy and our approach to life (source :


De nouvelles attentes à satisfaire (PDF, 2.48 MB) 


La banque de papa est révolue et même les acteurs historiques du pays s’inscrivent désormais dans une dynamique de transformation de plus ou moins grande ampleur. Objectif : devenir la banque de demain… (source : PaperJam)


Investments pay off in 2014, says KPMG Luxembourg 


KPMG Luxembourg has announced today that its focus on strategic investments designed to anticipate client needs paid off in 2014. The firm delivered strong growth of 11% and has renewed its commitment to pursuing a strategy of investing heavily in people, technology and Luxembourg.


AGEFI 22-01-2015 (PDF, 215 KB):
Which withholding tax to levy on Luxembourg dividend distributions to German Investment funds (Sondervermögen)?


Due to a high degree of uncertainty in current administrative tax practice, Luxembourg companies might be left wondering whether they should apply a withholding tax of 0%, 5% or 15%.


Alternative insights from Charles Muller, KPMG


At the ALFI Luxembourg Conference 25 & 26 November, The Point interviews Charles Muller, Global Sector Head of Risk and Regulation for KPMG Luxembourg and organiser of the first ever ALFI conference.


Strengths of RTL and SES presented at Stock Exchange Investors Day


On Thursday afternoon, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (Bourse) held its first Investors Day at its new offices in Luxembourg city.

Gute Aussichten für Fonds


Investment Fonds - KPMG zuversichtlich für die Zukunft. Niedrige Zinsen, die neue AIFM-Direktive und die Liberalisierung der chinesischen Währung treiben den Sektor an.


Belastungen für die Banken


Banken sind resistenzfähig, müssen sich aber auf neue Entwicklungen einstellen.


Die Stimmung wird besser


FINANZPLATZ - Walter Koob sieht neue Möglichkeiten


Automatic exchange of information, this time it is for tomorrow


October 2014 will probably be remembered in the history of Luxembourg’s financial center as a decisive month when it comes to tax transparency and exchange of information.


KPMG Luxembourg: 10.000 rapports AIFMD en 2014


En 2014, le Big four aura produit plus de 10.000 rapports AIFMD pour le compte de ses clients, faisant de la firme le leader sur le marché du reporting AIFMD... (source:


KPMG Luxembourg announces changes to leadership team


KPMG Luxembourg announces that Alain Picquet is in the final stages of handing over his duties as Head of Advisory and Markets at KPMG.


Circular Economy - What's it all about?


“Definitely has potential”: top financial professionals curiosity is piqued by new economic concept at KPMG Luxembourg and EcoInnovation Cluster workshop


KPMG Luxembourg identifies three BEPS reports


A week after the OECD released reports covering 7 of a total of 15 actions to be covered in their BEPS initiative, KPMG Luxembourg gathered together 250 financial professionals at the Chamber of Commerce to debate the content and impact of the new BEPS reports.


Flying high: KPMG promotes a third of staff and boosts leadership ranks


In October 2014, KPMG Luxembourg will see a third of its employees move up to the next level in a record year for promotions. Overall, 337 individuals were promoted in this year’s annual evaluations as part of a people strategy aimed at rewarding high fliers and developing talent.


KPMG Luxembourg comments on the State aid investigation against Luxembourg


In October 2014, KPMG Luxembourg will see a third of its employees move up to the next level in a record year for promotions. Overall, 337 individuals were promoted in this year’s annual evaluations as part of a people strategy aimed at rewarding high fliers and developing talent.


Virtual Round Table - Private Equity - 2014


Seven experts from around the world to discuss the current Private Equity landscape.


Une transformation en marche


Si la levée du secret bancaire ne paraît à l'heure actuelle pas lourde de conséquences d'un point de vue factuel, il n'empêche que les établissements bancaires n'ont d'autre choix que de revoir en profondeur leur stratégie, ce qui passe notamment par l’externalisation de certaines activités et la mutualisation de certaines ressources.


Insurance companies and FATCA: What we know for now


This article sets out the possible consequences of FATCA on the Luxembourg insurance industry.


Institutions de retraite professionnelle: défis et opportunités


Cet article explique comment la révision de la Directive 2003/41/EC sur les IORP pourrait avoir un impact positif sur l’accès des activités transfrontalières aux institutions de retraite et aux fonds de pension.


Luxembourg EcoInnovation Cluster and KPMG to promote new economic model


Georges Bock, Managing Partner at KPMG Luxembourg, comments on the OECD initiative to tackle tax evasion by multinationals – BEPs – and the unforeseen impact it will have on the European asset management industry.


Why I’m worried about BEPs when it comes to funds


Georges Bock, Managing Partner at KPMG Luxembourg, comments on the OECD initiative to tackle tax evasion by multinationals – BEPs – and the unforeseen impact it will have on the European asset management industry.


All hands on deck for KPMG Luxembourg Shipping conference


Luxembourg is already known throughout the maritime world for the attractive options it can offer the industry. It’s actually in Luxembourg itself that we sometimes find a lack of awareness about what a landlocked country might have to offer to ship owners.


The OECD Discussion Draft on BEPS Action 6


This article explains the problem of treaty shopping, provides a critical analysis of the proposals in the Discussion Draft and considers limitations set by EU law.


Pascal Denis joins KPMG Luxembourg as Advisory Partner


KPMG Luxembourg announced that Pascal Denis will be joining the company as Advisory Partner. Pascal, a leading figure in Luxembourg, comes to KPMG from Accenture in Luxembourg where he has been Managing Director since 2010.


Guidelines on FATCA already in the works


Recommendations are being prepared, say industry associations.


Les coûts obligatoires liés à la réglementation transformée en valeur ajoutée? 27/03/2014

Participation de Mme Anne-Sophie Minaldo, Head of regulatory – Banking & PSF dans le PaperJam (edition mars) – Regards Croisés.


Exciting projects for students of the University of Trier 26/03/2014

During the last four months, eight students from the University of Trier have been working on two KPMG projects in cooperation with the student association “C&C Consulting”.


Le printemps revient - Alfi Spring conference/ 2e jour 25/03/2014

«Le printemps revient» s’est exclamé Marc Saluzzi président de l’Alfi, lors de la seconde journée de l’Alfi Spring Conference.


International Tax Awards 2014 20/03/2014

KPMG Luxembourg was honored as Big Four Tax Team of the Year and awarded for Sustained Excellence in Corporate Tax Compliance.


Structuring Sharia-compliant Alternative Investments via Luxembourg 01/03/2014

This article provides an overview of the fundamental elements of Islamic finance and analyses how Islamic Alternative Investments may be structured via Luxembourg.


KPMG Luxembourg brings street art to Kirchberg, blog style 24/02/2014

When KPMG Luxembourg selected creatives to work on its latest advertisement campaign, it eschewed the usual design channels in favor of a more grass roots option.


Always one step ahead, says KPMG 10/02/2014

KPMG’s Executive Committee explains how KPMG Luxembourg has undergone a transformation in 2013, by taking a long-term, sustainable approach to business.


Luxembourg to issue a sovereign sukuk? 01/01/2013

This article depicts the fundamental elements of sukuk, outlines how Luxembourg's sovereign sukuk will be structured and analyses Luxembourg's role as a hub for structuring Islamic finance investments in and through Europe.


Luxembourg réveille-toi 15/10/2013

Georges Bock, Flora Castellani et Emilien Lebas expliquent les leçons que le Luxembourg se doit de tirer après cinq années de crise.


KPMG appoints six new Partners and eight new Directors 01/10/2013

KPMG Luxembourg announces the promotion of six Directors to Partner level. Patrice Perichon, Pia Schanz, Jean-Manuel Seris and Jane Wilkinson from Audit and Marc Haan and Anne-Sophie Minaldo from Advisory will be taking this significant step in their career this October 2013.


KPMG launches Japanese desk in Luxembourg 23/07/2013

KPMG is pleased to announce that since 8 July 2013, Mr. Akiyoshi Shibata has joined KPMG Luxembourg as our Japanese market specialist.


KPMG helps launch the new 'Île aux Clowns' 05/07/2013

Alongside four other partners from different sectors, KPMG Luxembourg is proud to be helping launch the new ‘Ile aux Clowns’


Luxembourg... a bridge between China and Europe 06/06/2013

The development of China, be it past development or future development, is without precedent - as such, no single country in the world can ignore it. With this in mind, KPMG Luxembourg brought together high-profile Chinese executives from the land of the dragon and key Chinese personalities in Luxembourg in an effort to foster better mutual understanding – with all the positive effects this brings.


KPMG: Excelling in tax planning & tax transactional work in Luxembourg 04/06/2013
For the sixth year in a row, KPMG was honored with a tier 1 ranking for both their excellence in tax planning and tax transactional work in Luxembourg by International Tax Review (2008-2013).


CYEL 2013: And the finalists are ... 03/06/2013
KPMG is a silver sponsor of the seventh edition of the Creative Young Entrepreneur 2009 Awards (CYEL) organized by the Junior Chamber International (JCI). This competition rewards the most creative young entrepreneur established in Luxembourg and recognizes those who have used their imagination in solving problems or approaching the market.


“Data is truly the new oil.” Could LUX become the world’s data pioneer? 24/05/2013
“Big Data. Big Intelligence. Big Opportunities” This was the message of futurist Gerd Leonard at the Luxembourg Business Compass conference organised by KPMG and Luxemburger Wort.


KPMG: 2013 Corporate Tax Compliance Team of the Year in Luxembourg 30/04/2013
KPMG was named 2013 Corporate Tax Compliance Team of the Year in Luxembourg by Acquisition International.


The hidden side of the Financial Transaction Tax 23/042013
Georges Bock: "The FTT is, as a consequence, yet another way for citizens to contribute money, through taxes, to deal with the consequences of the financial crisis."


Painting the asset management industry green 16/042013
A vision of a "Green Deal" and a sustainable future shared by politicians and industry alike.


Taking a closer look at the automatic exchange of information 10/04/2013
Press release on Luxembourg government announcement on automatic exchange of information from January 2015.


KPMG advert: connecting Luxembourg to the world 08/04/2013
KPMG Luxembourg is airing its first television advert featuring kids from the KPMG staff on RTL Tele Letzebuerg over the next 2 weeks. (8-21 April).


Luxembourg Automotive Market Survey 2013 29/03/2013
KPMG Luxembourg présentait ce vendredi 29 mars la première étude globale du marché automobile luxembourgeois, assortie d’une vue sur le marché mondial du secteur automobile.


KPMG: EU Tax Firm of the Year in Luxembourg 21/03/2013
For the 2nd year in a row, KPMG was named EU Tax Firm of the Year in Luxembourg by Finance Monthly.  


KPMG named best Islamic finance adviser by Euromoney 28/02/2013
KPMG takes top prize in the Islamic finance awards for an unequalled 6th year in a row.  


Impacts of the regulatory challenges on Management Companies in Luxembourg 22/02/2013
KPMG surveyed management companies (this sector covers around 2300 jobs in Luxembourg - source : CSSF) last year on their current situation and expected future evolutions on following themes: strategy, operating model, IT systems and alignment towards regulatory changes.   


Love is not enough 14/02/2013
Following last year’s success, KPMG held its second edition St Valentine’s day Fundraising event: Season 2’s "Love is not enough" KPMG volunteers managed to raise approximately 3,500 EUR thanks to their enthusiasm, creativity and commitment. All proceeds will go to our Staff Selected Charity: ALUPSE-Bébé.  


Talking Business with KPMG's Georges Bock 07/02/2013
KPMG Managing Partner Georges Bock talks on why Luxembourg faces its toughest challenge yet over the next 24 months and what it takes to be a successful business leader.  


AIFMD is definitely a fantastic opportunity for Luxembourg  25/01/2013
Over 200 delegates attended the AIFMD-UCITS : Building the Bridge conference held by KPMG on 21 January.  


Private Banking in Luxembourg: A business under transformation 24/01/2013
Many synergies could be developed between Luxembourg and Switzerland by producing ”cross border” country manuals for client relationship managers.  

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