Professionals of the Financial Sector (PFS) 

Due to continuous development of competencies and experience in the financial sector KPMG has been enabled to dominate the financial sector around the globe. This unique position is the basis for us to support and advise all types of PFSs and throughout the stages of their development from inception to liquidation.

3 categories of PFS:

1. Investment firms

2. Specialised PFS

3. Support PFS

Hot topics

 New Regulatory requirements


Central Administration, Internal Governance and Risk Management (CSSF 12/552)

Risk based approach (CSSF 12/544)


AIFMD - Business Opportunity (PDF, 2.35 MB)


The AIFMD defines which professionals can endorse the depositary role for Alternative Investment Funds in the scope, as for example an entity in accordance with article 26bis of the law of 5 April 1993.

 eArchiving and Record keeping

Information Protection and Business Resiliency Services (PDF, 887 KB)


Traditional information protection initiatives include security risk assessments, compliance and risk management, legal and discovery efforts as well as security breach notification. Protecting your organization’s information depends on all of these and more.

 Family Offices

Family Offices! (PDF, 121 KB)


Regarding the law of 21 December 2012 related to Family Office activities combined with our experience gained from assisting PFS and banking clients in their regulatory and compliance related questions, we can carry out for you reviews of your processes, documents and identify potential gaps.

 Tax topics


KPMG services for PFS

Advisory Audit Tax Our services At a glance IT

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