Today’s banking environment is challenging.  Industry players are increasingly finding themselves compelled to invest time and money in understanding new regulations, re-assessing their strategy and overcoming a bearish market.

Banking hot topics


Get the FATCA ball rolling in Q2 (PDF, 179 KB)


To do in 2015: Entity classification, Registration, Compliance and Reporting.


BCBS 239: the next storm (PDF, 127 KB)


From January 2016, the risk governance for many banks will change as the Basel Committee principles for “effective risk data aggregation and risk reporting (BCBS 239)“ come into force.


Taking independence under UCITS V (PDF, 172 KB)


Management company and depositary independence is still in the air and we will only be reassured of the final rules once the level 2 measures are issued. 


The smart approach to repapering (PDF, 1.43 MB)


Tomorrow: Breathe and take your time to structure your approach towards your clients before interacting with them from many angles at once. 

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