Working with our clients 

CSR is not just about implementing CSR initiatives within the firm… is also engraved in everything we do

Our people are committed to providing high-quality services around the world in an ethical and independent way. Our clients demand work of the highest quality that is consistent, accurate and relevant. They will accept nothing less. KPMG firms work with clients who understand and appreciate the value of impartial and objective advice delivered by people who have an absolute commitment to their professional independence and integrity.


Code of ethics and independence – Performance with integrity

The KPMG Global Code of Conduct (Global Code) is designed to provide a basic understanding of the standards of ethical conduct that KPMG requires around the world.  This code applies to all KPMG partners and employees—regardless of title or position. It spells out fundamental ethical principles and highlights resources available to help partners and employees understand and uphold those principles.


Executive Committee

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Client relationship assessments

KPMG serves its clients by providing quality professional services. The usefulness of these services and the viability of the firm depend on the organization’s credibility with its clients and markets, as well as with legislative and regulatory bodies. KPMG personnel acknowledge that they have responsibilities to clients, to themselves, and to each other to conduct themselves professionally, diligently, and with integrity. Quality work and an approach that includes integrity, objectivity, confidentiality, and ethical standards are factors in achieving and maintaining credibility with clients.


Data Protection

Using knowledge and sharing it is what gives KPMG a competitive advantage. Information is critical to KPMG’s business and it must be considered as an important business asset, as well as computer systems and networks, or people. In order to maintain this competitive advantage and a respected image, as well as legal compliance, the security of KPMG’s and our clients’ information is essential.


KPMG's Climate Change and Sustainability ServicesToday, climate change and sustainability issues are rising to the top of corporate agendas. Business is engaged; global trends and stakeholder demands have seen to that. Energy pricing and security, natural resource pressures, population growth, lifestyle changes, and consumer preferences are compelling companies to act. Even those who are following the global climate change debate from afar understand that their key stakeholders are already focused on these issues and the need to capitalize on them.  As a result, there is a new clarion call for executives: leverage sustainability as a strategic lens on business operations – to enhance processes, grow revenue, manage risk, strengthen reporting, optimize costs, and spur innovation.

Check out the KPMG Climate Change & Sustainability Services web page to learn more about our service to our clients.

The Luxembourg practice is part of the CC&S network.


Our Services for the financial community

  • Implementation of a “Responsible Investing” (RI) strategy and fund set-up
  • ESG “Environmental, Social and Governance” Screening and due diligence
  • Assurance of your RI methodology and selection process
  • Assurance of your RI reports
  • Ensure “Environmental, Social and Governance” (ESG) opportunities and risks are factored into marketing and deal negotiation


Our Services for the Corporate community and the Public Sector

  • Implementation of a “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR) strategy 
  • CSR workshops and trainings (stakeholder and materiality analyses, etc.)
  • Assessment of environmental and social risk management
  • Optimization of environmental costs of your activities (e.g. sustainable procurement, sustainable IT, sustainable transportation, etc.) 
  • Environmental Social and Governance “ESG” Performance Measurement & Reporting 
  • Assurance of CSR reports  

CSR actions in Luxembourg


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