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Since 1992, the Alumni Team has been helping former colleagues keep in touch with each other and feel connected to KPMG in an informal way. Now is the time to formalize it into a formidable force, in Sri Lanka with your own network of trusted friends and colleagues


Why are alumni important?


Our alumni relationships are a powerful business tool. With many of our alumni holding key decision-making positions in Sri Lanka, it’s a business opportunity to meet and network with others who may be your customers, suppliers, dealers and target clients where we can communicate with pride, trust and enjoy the moments at KPMG. We believe fostering supportive relationships among our Alumni will enhance loyalty. The power of a good reputation cannot be underestimated. KPMG wins a great deal of work from alumni clients on the basis of their good opinion of us. Even if they are not clients, the goodwill of our alumni community can reap great rewards for KPMG, as they work and network with our clients and targets. KPMG only employs the best people. Whilst we recognize that people will leave the firm, many come back to us at a later stage of their career. Our people will also know other people who would work well at KPMG and recommend them to us, to continue the great work done by those who left us.


Staying connected


The Alumni website launched in September 2008 will lead the way to a Directory, the Alumni magazine, mailings and events which will enable our alumni to keep in touch with us. By logging into the Alumni website, our alumni can view the latest news about KPMG and other alumni, details of key alumni job role changes and much more. We plan to run several events every year, including reunions, sports day, events for our younger alumni in addition to our flagship year end Cocktail Party.


Get involved


Maintaining and continuing to build strong relationships with former KPMG staff is an essential part of KPMG's alumni program. Everyone has a role to play in helping to strengthen our alumni community and maintaining your own network of contacts can be highly rewarding


Coordinating Partner


Suren Rajakarier


KPMG Sri Lanka

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Alumni Events 2013

Reception to welcome Premila Perera

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KPMG Alumni welcomes Nirmal Fernando.

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Library Projects

The KPMG Foundation, along with the KPMG Alumni Association recently constructed libraries in the Ramanathapuram Government Tamil Mix School in Killinochchi and the Vattappalai  Maha Vidyalayam Mixed School in Mullaitivu.