Climate Change & Sustainability 

Today, climate change and sustainability issues are rising to the top of corporate agendas. Business is engaged; global trends and stakeholder demands have seen to that. Energy pricing and security, natural resource pressures, population growth, lifestyle changes, and consumer preferences are compelling companies to act. Even those who are following the global climate change debate from afar understand that their key stakeholders are already focused on these issues and the need to capitalize on them.  As a result, there is a new clarion call for executives: leverage sustainability as a strategic lens on business operations – to enhance processes, grow revenue, manage risk, strengthen reporting, optimize costs, and spur innovation.


Kim Sung Woo


Kim, Sung Woo 

Executive Director

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Carbon Regulation
Efficient compliance strategies to enhance competitiveness under carbon regulations.


Corporate Responsibility
Development of corporate sustainability management systems which incorporate the economic-environmental-social impacts.


Corporate Greenization
Development of green management systems by  building a greener value chain and a new green business model. Especially, consumer goods and logistic companies make the transition to a more green company through the introduction of a  green management system at minimal cost. Through this conversion, companies can expect new market creation and extra cost savings. Moreover we provide green communication measures with main stakeholders, and it could bring companies to longevity management.


Green Investment
We provide market penetration strategy, mergers and acquisitions, valuation, feasibility study and financing advisory of green industry. An effective entry strategy into the green industry and green investment will be an essential element of competitive advantage to determine the future of business and investment.



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