KPMG Forensic’s 1900-strong global network of experienced professionals use accounting, investigation, intelligence, technology, economics and deep industry skills alongside consistent global methodologies to help reduce reputational risk and commercial loss, and to improve the value obtained from existing contracts.


Wi, Seung Hoon

Wi, Seung Hoon


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Ko, Jung Woo


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We provide investigation services related to employees’ fraud and misconduct such as embezzlement and breach of duty using the KPMG Global Investigation Methodology.


We provide domestic and global E-Discovery service from identification to presentation of ESI (Electronically stored information) for legal issues such as lawsuits for domestic and overseas companies to companies’ legal departments and law firms. 


Forensic Technology
We provide specialized IT services through Forensic Data Analysis utilizing Computer Forensic and Data Mining technique to recover, collect, and analyze Digital Data.


Dispute Advisory 

We provide advisory services such as Expert Witness, Dispute Resolution, and Litigation Support related to litigation for domestic and overseas companies and arbitration cases as accounting specialists.

Intellectual Property & Contract Compliance    

We provide License Compliance Review for software vendors, Royalty Audit for protection of Intellectual Property, and review and advisory services on contract compliance of Partners, Resellers, Distributors and Agencies.  


Fraud Risk Management
We provide advisory services related to diagnosis of fraud risk exposures, design and implementation of fraud prevention and investigation system, and Fraud Awareness Training as well as Fraud Integrity Survey to enhance employees’ fraud awareness.  


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