System Integration 

KPMG SI Team prepares one of the leading services in its IT strategy, implementation, system operation and maintenance for the specialized area related to general ICT development in various industries like finance, service, consumer goods, manufacturing, communication, electrical power, construction, and public services. The System Integration Bundling service, that covers from IT strategy to process, application and infrastructure, is in preparation, and will be launched in March, 2011.


Yang Hyun Sup


Yang, Hyun Sup 


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Bundling SI Service
To address diverse SI client requests, Samjong KPMG SI Team provides ICT strategy, application design /development, system operation and maintenance service; for this, our team aims to offer a  bundling service that covers not only the application design and development, but the related infrastructures (SW and HW package) as well. Our team also offers an outsourcing service that provides the overall implementation and management service all together.


Specialized SI Service
Our team provides SI service, specialized for the new business needs such as mobile office establishment and cloud computing service.
Application Management, 'IM'(Information & Data Management), 'DM'(Develop management)  and 'SM'(System Management), for special area enhancement services and management method  improvements, that are based on the importance of each SI task area, are offered along with the standardized methodology.


SW Tool and HW-related  Service
Various SW tools and HW products that are needed for SI will be provided through strategic affiliation with the suppliers. This will open the gate to the improvement in efficiency through total SI service, by enabling the comprehensive planning of, not only the development, but all the SW and HW as well.


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