Non Performing Loan (NPL) 

Ever since Samjong KPMG’s NPL team initiated the first NPL related services in Korea, we have executed the most NPL consultations throughout the nation with the best reputation in the field. We will proudly provide the finest services of the high-quality advisory on selling/buying, due diligence and evaluation services of the NPL through our countless service experiences.


Non-Performing Loan (NPL) Trading Service
KPMG provides the consulting advisory services such as inspecting and evaluating assets, attracting investors, preparing basic evaluation on investors, and establishing buyout strategies in order to successfully trade(Sell/Buy) NPL deals for our financial institutions.
NPL (Non-Performing Loans) Inspection and Evaluation Service
In case NPL holders such as financial or investment institutions desire to assess the NPL’s proper value, KPMG provides specific evaluation services for each individual client throughout the exclusive investigations and evaluations on the NPL.
Asset-Backed Security (ABS) Advisory Service
In the event of the asset holders securitizing the ABS in accordance with the related legislation, we carry out due diligence and evaluation on the holder’s assets, and provide security registration procedures and related consultations.


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