Samjong KPMG Healthcare strives to contribute to the innovation of the Korean healthcare industry, its advancement as a propellant to future growth and to place Korea as a global leader in healthcare. We at Samjong KPMG believe this to be the path to be taken by all healthcare industry players and Samjong KPMG shares in the vision of its clients.

Professional insights are communicated through weekly healthcare newsletters and the publication of books analyzing the Korean healthcare industry, such as Healthcare Wars.
Services to healthcare sector clients include consulting services such as strategy and performance management, as well as M&A services, financing and sourcing.


Faced with challenges such as FTAs and government policies to lower drug costs, many small- to mid-size pharmaceutical companies are being subject to M&A, while major pharmaceutics are reassessing product mixes, new drug development, exports and  new market entries. Samjong KPMG Healthcare offers services ranging from corporate restructuring, M&A, financing and IPO consulting to suit the various needs of its clients.



We are looking for wonderful people to help lead us into the future.