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[Korean-Chinese·Chinese-Korean]Accounting·Tax Glossary


  •  Issue: Samjong KPMG
  • Inquiry: bookstore or Sechang publisher (Tel: +82-2-723-8660)
  •  KOR-CHN·CHN-KOR glossary is the first glossary published in Korea, written/translated by the dedicated team of the Chinese and Korean accountants of Samjong KPMG to support companies who try to invest and already advanced to understand accounting and tax of China.


RISK: Management Risks from CEO & Board of Directors’ Point of View


  • Issue: Samjong KPMG
  • Inquiry: Sechang publisher (Tel: +82-2-723-8660)
  • Guide of how leading companies deal with risks or how they defend and manage risks.


China Accounting Tax


  •  Issue: Samjong KPMG
  •  Inquiry: Sechang publisher (Tel: +82-2-723-8660)
  • Break down of tax and accounting regulations for company management in China.


Agile Business – New Strategy in the Age of Uncertainty


  •  Issue: Samjong KPMG
  •  Inquiry: Samjong KPMG (Tel: +82-2-2112-0053)
  •  Guide for domestic company management on how to restructure long-term strategy based on the wide experience of case studies and interviews from top management by KPMG.


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