#34 New Market of Global Halal food 

Global halal food market has grown strongly over the past decade and is now worth an estimated USD 1,292 billion as of 2013. Growing at an estimated annual rate of 10.8%, the market is prospected to be valued at USD 2,537billion in 2019. As of growing halal industry, multinationals like Nestle, McDonald’s have aggressively expanded halal-certified food products lines. Korean food companies such as ‘Chungjungone’ and ‘Nongshim’ is accelerating entering into halal food market mainly in Malaysia and Indonesia. It is prospected more Korean companies will see halal food market as strategic business field in near term. In this regard, Samjong KPMG is to provide Korean domestic food companies the directions to enter halal food market with insights including halal-certification, halal related policy.
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