Great Development of Korea Inc. Begins 

Great Development of Korea Inc. Begins
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Korea, Growth Beyond Expectation


The growth of the Korea economy will go beyond expectation.


This book is a series of ‘Korea, time for change’, which was published in 2009 and was chosen as a book of the year by the ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism. While the previous version presented message of hope and thoughtful insight to Korea for overcoming economic crisis, this new book contains messages for Korea to become new economical power beyond expectation. The reader who seeks bright future of Korea will find this book as a clear and finest guide.


This book describes how the world and global companies have strived to gain economical supremacy as they have gone through global economy crisis and transition period. It suggests that Korean companies should take present moment as opportunities grow beyond expectation. Furthermore, it presents how Korea can turn this global economic crisis into rich opportunities in greenomics and new FTA periods.


Now is the best time for Korean companies to become global leading companies


SAMJONG KPMG Economic Research Institution suggests how Korean companies can grow beyond expectation in this global transition.


The first of the three chapters points out the weakness of Korea economy despite of the fact that Korea plays a central role in the world economy.


The second chapter, ‘Korea, facing growth beyond expectation ’, talks about the opportunities that Korea can find in greenomics and introduces new FTA period. Moreover, it provides practical examples for investing by introducing TALF and DIP financing, which gives perfect chance to invest.


The third chapter describes how the world economy crisis has occurred, analyzing the future of G2, China and USA, and emphasizing six fields of investment: financial institution, new technology, logistics, real estate construction, resources energy and green growth.