Samjong KPMG along with KPMG’s global Pharmaceuticals practice is dedicated to assisting businesses of all sizes from biotechnology start-ups to large multinational pharmaceutical companies.



Cheong, Sung Ho 


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Jang Seok Jo


Jang, Seok Jo 


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Value creation support

Samjong KPMG delivers value through a wide range of management advisory services in  the pharmaceutical industry. 


  • Risk identification and management through cohesive work with management team
  • Operating cost reduction to enhance efficiency, tax advisory and other mechanisms
  • Mergers and Acquisition value realization
  • Financial Report- improving investors and stakeholders’ credibility of a corporation
  • Sustainability reinforcement enhancing corporate reputation and credibility

Samjong KPMG’s industry-focused professionals have experience in the pharmaceutical sector; they continuously strive to keep abreast of industry trends, drivers and issues through knowledge sharing and industry insights programs.


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ERI Publications

  : Covers current issues about Chemical Industry – industry that is perceived as Bricks and Mortars business that is responsible for environmental pollution