Life Benefit 

Samjong KPMG runs a welfare system with a variety of career development programs to enhance the employees’ satisfaction in terms of ‘Work & Life’.

Beautiful Life in Samjong Program

To maximize the satisfaction of the diverse needs of our employees, our company operates a ‘Cafeteria Plan’ (optional benefits). Regardless of one’s position, all employees will receive a welfare card which they can freely choose to use to pay for their tuition, cultural life, self-development, backpacking, living welfare, fitness and leisure activity up to a fixed annual amount.

BeEx Festival 

Our company holds a festival for the employees every October. The festival is held for the purpose of unifying all the members of our company and maintaining a desirable corporate culture.

Clubs and Happy Hour

Our company strongly supports the formation of various clubs such as football, basketball, mountain climbing, marathon, horse-riding, ski to encourage interactions and communications between the employees. Those clubs have already been successfully running. 

We also provide a ‘Happy Hour’ program to facilitate the effective communication between employees. During this program, a variety of finger foods and beer are provided so that the employees can have an enjoyable, relaxing time to talk candidly with each other outside of work.

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