As KPMG has various business clients all of the world, we strongly recommend our employees to have a global perspective mentality. ‘Global Mobility’ (GO) is a specially designed program that provides a global work opportunity to KPMG employees in another part of the world. Under this program, participants are eligible to directly experience new industries, cultures and also lifestyles...

CF Director Park, Sung Won

The global opportunities provided are broad depending on one’s capability and work experiences. The participants are able to maintain a high level of confidence in their working tasks through the opportunities. Over the last 5 years, more than 6000 of KPMG’s specialists have successfully participated in global assignments in 110 different countries. 

Korean Desk

Samjong KPMG has set up its ‘Korean Desk’ in several countries such as America, Japan, Australia, Europe and Asia region to support the globalized Korean firms which intend to expand their business in such countries. Our company also has planned to expand our business segments into emerging markets like South America and the Africa region prior to the ongoing globalization process.


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