Learning & Development  

Samjong KPMG consists of a group of professionals who have an outstanding knowledge in respect to economic, sociological, and cultural background.
The skills, knowledge and capabilities of our people are absolutely central to the success of KPMG and so we invest significant amounts of time, money and energy in developing our people.

Our L&D centre, which is responsible for the employee’s training, leads them on the path to becoming Trusted Advisors in order to maximize the value of the corporation and our clients.


Samjong KPMG’s L&D centre equally offers all employees fantastic opportunities to challenge and grow. A powerful combination of technical training, coaching and mentoring as well as skill building programs are provided to each KPMG member.

With Samjong KPMG’s Dialogue package, performance-oriented training programs also support employees to improve their
Personal performance at the appropriate time in their development.


What special Learning & Development programs does Samjong KPMG offer? 


3-Year Global Elite Program  

Anyone joining Samjong KPMG as a  Junior gets trained on the 3-Year Global Elite Program (GEP) to develop a strong work-ethic, professionalism and global perspective. GEP is Samjong KPMG’s unique training program that is designed to nurture the characteristics of a ‘Global Elite’ including professional knowledge, skills and mindset. A true Global Elite who performs well in this 3 year, 6 semester program will be given an opportunity to work overseas.

“Like a mini-MBA program, the program covers business etiquette, foreign language and self-discipline skills to train Korea’s best professionals in this increasingly globalized business environment.”

IM2  S.Senior  Bahn, Sang Woo


“The program was an effective stimulant that kept me motivated and not lose that passion I had when I first began working here at KPMG.”

IGH S.Senior  Jeon, Ju Ok

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