2012 Recruitment for Junior Consultant 

2012 Recruitment for Junior Consultant

1. Eligibility 
    - Bachelor or Master/Ph.D graduates/potential graduates as of August 2012, February 2013
    - Veterans and disabled applicants will be given preference according to relevant legal provisions


2. Recruitment
   1) BCS (Business Consulting Service)
       - Strategy Consulting Group (SCG)
       - Healthcare
   2) Consulting
       - IT Consulting Service(ICS)
       - Public Service(PS)  
3. Application Schedules 
   - Application date: August 1st ~ August 31th
   - Interview Screening: Early September

    (Those eligible for interview will be limited to candidates who successfully pass the initial paper application screening stage and will be notified individually.)
   - Result: Mid. September
4. Inquiry
    - E-mail:  hsong@kr.kpmg.com 
    - Telephone: +82-2-2112-0087

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