Suh, Won Jeong 

Audit, Partner
Head of Audit

Education and Qualifications
Bachelor of Business Administration,
Hanyang University, Seoul, 1983
Master of Business Administration,
Hanyang University, Seoul, 1985
Certified Public Accountant (KICPA).


Since he joined KPMG in 1988, Mr. Suh has spent the majority of his career with KPMG in audit practice. His experience in audit practice includes audit service to multinational companies as well as major national Energy and Natural Resources companies. He has also been actively involved in ENR related Government committees and Task Force Team activities.
When the Korean regulators announced the roadmap of IFRS adoption in 2007, he started leading the IFRS related service line, Accounting Advisory Service (AAS). Together with his team, his dedication and expertise made significant contributions to the success of IFRS conversion service in KPMG Korea. As the AAS ASPAC leader, he also shared his insights and KPMG Korea’s IFRS conversion experience with other ASPAC countries. Before appointed to the head of audit, he has taken care of overall operations of KPMG Korea as COO for 3 years.
He had 1.5 year overseas assignment experience to KPMG San Francisco Office in U.S.A. from 1993 to 1995.


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