The environmental problem is a daunting challenge with no boundaries. Especially, at the forefront is the issue of climate change it is a problem that the world must confront. The existing economic system is insufficient to successfully deal with global warning and climate change effectively. Already, people all around the world are exposed to the changes in the environment and they are affected both directly and indirectly.


Globally, to minimize green house gas and environmental pollution,  and promote sustainable growth, “the low carbon green growth’ policy is being pushed forward as a development strategy.    In the policy, a corporation’s role is essential. Samjong KPMG has implemented and follows the Green Initiative which supports environmentally-friendly corporate activities and  leads to lower carbon emissions and green growth through environmental NGO support activities.


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Green Initiative
Samjong KPMG stopped using paper cups and  distributed individual mugs. To limit the use of papers, trees and energy, we adopted E-Fax and  E-Card at year-end and New year’s. Also, as we introduced and utilize videoconferencing, the necessity for business trips has been reduced. In addition, after enforcing a ‘No Tie’ system in the summer, cooling costs have been reduced. We are devoted to protecting the environment.
Samjong KPMG supports 650,000 Greenranger who protect and raise forests. We are at the forefront in the protection of our forests. Protecting and raising forests  is critical to build the environmental infrastructure necessary to cope with climate change.

Forest for Life
Samjong KPMG takes great efforts to conserving nature and the global environment through “Forest for Life”. We have initiated ourselves to providing supports through monthly sponsoring as well as volunteering activities involving “Tree Planting” directly within natural conservation areas on a yearly basis.


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