Samjong KPMG is well acquainted with education’s infinite possibilities of value creation.  Hence, Samjong KPMG is focusing on promoting education aid by utilizing the expertise, knowledge and support of Samjong professionals.. We work for the education of a neglected  class of people to realize “an equal opportunity of education” that is guaranteed in Article 31 of the Constitution and the Fundamentals of Education Act. In addition, We support  the program that trains college students to become global talent by utilizing Samjong KPMG employees’ know-how. Moreover, We regularly sponsor young players of under represented or under-funded sports to realize  their dreams.


Choi, Heui Jin


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Sponsoring Students in Free Enterprise
Samjong KPMG sponsors SIFE, which is a non-profit organization educating  future business leaders on concepts like market economics, entrepreneurship, and business ethics through educational outreach projects.


Sponsoring young stars
Samjong KPMG regularly sponsors talented individuals from various backgrounds, including wrestling star Lee Myung Joon, and baritone, Lee Eung Gwang.


Corporate rehabilitation

Samjong KPMG supports convicts and prisoners with the cost of vocational training and awards a scholarship to their children for prisoners’ community reformation.

Sponsor underprivileged students

Samjong KPMG selects two students who exhibit a strong work ethic, perseverance and the will to learn despite difficult surroundings upon the recommendation of employees, and supports them with scholarship and living expenses.


Sponsor Nan-Hyang children’s center and Sang-Lock orphanage

Samjong KPMG sponsors and visits Nan-Hyang children’s center to look after children who are neglected after school as well as the Sang-Lock orphanage where volunteers take care of children lacking a parents’ care, and spend meaningful time with the children.


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