According to the World Bank, there are still, 1.4 billion people, one-fourth of the entire population, living in poverty on less than 1.25 dollars per day. Moreover, human beings are suffering from natural disasters incurred by unusual weather phenomena and wars. In order to stop human suffering, many international organizations and NGOs are busy looking for a solution at the frontlines. Workforce and technical aids are urgently needed to support those organizations. As a global business citizen, Samjong KPMG actively supports disaster relief work and development activities through use of its resources such as donations and fund-raising.


Choi, Heui Jin


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The Haiti earthquake disaster
We had an in-house fund-raising campaign and sent our donation through a domestic relief organization to Haiti which had just under 2 million suffering victims, the aftermath of the catastrophic earthquake that hit Port-au-Prince, the capital city of Haiti, on January 12, 2010.
Contribution to devastated areas such as the Philippines hit by  typhoon, Ketsana, and Victoria state, South of Australia, burnt by a raging fire
We share the burden of our suffering neighbors through in-house fundraising or direct aid in the name of the company.
Contribution to Sacheon in China and Myanmar
We share the distress of our global neighbors in trouble by delivering much needed disaster relief contributions to China - suffering from earthquakes, and Myanmar - damaged by typhoons.


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