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  • Type: Press release
  • Date: 1/17/2014

The Social Banker v2.0: Full-edition and expanded report 

As retail banks struggle to come to terms with an increasingly complex operating environment, many are starting to discover that social media could help solve some of the sector's key issues: building trust and engaging with stakeholders; catalysing transformation and driving culture change; testing new approaches and creating opportunities; or uncovering and adopting new strategies from others.

The Social Banker v2.0 report brings together the insights of 12 industry experts – including executives from ICICI Securities, McDonalds, RBS and NatWest – and provides new and insightful take-aways and viewpoints from KPMG sector leaders around the world.


The Social Banker v2.0 serves as a handy guide for today's banking executives and as an invaluable resource for those tasked with leading their bank's social media programmes.

 The compendium report is available at


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