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How can I participate in the Graduate Recruitment Campaign and the Internship Program?


To participate in the Graduate Recruitment Program or Internship Program, you need to register with KPMG in Russia's online recruitment system:


Where does my application form go?


The Online Registration system is built for candidates of all CIS countries. During your registration, please, select “Kyrgyz Republic” as a country you are applying for. Your application form is processed by the recruitment section of the People Department of KPMG in Kazakhstan. The initial selection of candidates is also made at this stage.


When will I get an answer from KPMG?


We understand that looking for work is a stressful process and do everything in our power to respond to applicants as quickly as possible.


If you have been selected for an interview, we will either telephone you to agree on a date and time for the interview, or send you an e-mail with the relevant details. Please make sure that you provide all your contact details so that we can get in touch with you during business hours.


As we may also contact you by e-mail, it is important that you have a working e-mail address and that you check your e-mail regularly. You can clarify the status of your application by contacting the recruitment team at +7 (727) 298 08 98.


What is the starting salary for university graduates at KPMG?


The salary level offered to new employees at KPMG corresponds with market levels. You can obtain more information about the compensation system and benefits package during your first interview. Other sections of our website have information about the additional benefits of working for KPMG.


About Work


Working in the Kyrgyz Republic and Kazakhstan offices of the "Big Four" companies is very popular not only among recent graduates and young specialists from the Kyrgyz Republic and Kazakhstan, but also among employees from these same companies from other countries. Active and enthusiastic individuals are attracted here by the dynamism and scale of the projects. However, they have one thing in common with those who join us straight from the classroom: working with us allows them to broaden their professional horizons and gain a unique life experience.


Profession: Auditor


Audit is the independent checking of a company's accounts to verify accuracy. It's the process which checks assets against published accounts to deliver a true and fair account. Auditing is also about understanding and analysis; we need to advise our firm's clients on rules and procedures for the reporting of accounts and help them understand regulations.


What does an auditor do?


No two clients are the same and every project is different. An auditor will be on a client site for the duration of the audit - this will range in duration from a couple of weeks to anywhere up to three months depending on the size of the client. Larger projects may see you working as part of a multi-disciplinary team.


Typically, audits consist of a cycle of research; consultation; communication and inspection; analysis and reporting. Auditors start projects by gaining an in-depth understanding of the client's business through research, conversations and a series of visits. You'll meet with Financial Directors and Senior Managers to discuss strategy and operations, and begin the inspection and analysis:


  • Reviewing previous audits to gain insights into client-specific processes
  • Checking client records against bank records
  • Checking the existence and accuracy of listed assets
  • Confirming an accurate and complete list of client suppliers
  • Examining the client's stock-taking methods
  • Performing a sample stock-take to evaluate the accuracy of the client's records
  • Testing client processes and controls


The next stage is to construct a report showing your findings, highlighting the key issues, making any recommendations and showing the final accounts. The wide range of businesses and projects we work on means that auditors have huge variety in their roles, and get to team up with people from many different KPMG business streams. Client visits are a huge part of the role so you'll be moving from environment to environment and experiencing a huge range of different industries, locations and businesses. The variation in this role means there's no set pattern for the type of checks you'll carry out: auditors do plenty of interesting things like checking that the people and buildings a company says they have actually exist.


Who will I work with?


On most audits you'll be a member of a team, which will vary in size depending on the scale of the client and the project. The team will be made up of KPMG people at the top of their profession - giving you an amazing opportunity to learn from some of the industry's best and gain top-quality experience. You'll report to an Assistant Manager (typically, an auditor with two or three years' experience), and there will also normally be a Manager of each audit (and, on some of the bigger projects, a Senior Manager). Ultimately, each audit gets signed off by a KPMG Partner too. You'll also work with a coach who will help you develop your skills and improve your performance - you'll have regular reviews to check how you're doing, and to see where you can extend your abilities.


You'll have a performance manager who will provide feedback on your professional development and your skills so you can progress in the best possible way and make the most of every opportunity.


Where do I go from here?


We're committed to providing you with the best tools, resources and support throughout your career. Our success is based on the talents and abilities of our team, and our focus is on providing you with the best opportunities to learn and develop across the organization.


As an auditor, we'll help you to get ACCA qualification - supporting you through the process as well as helping you develop soft skills like customer liaison, building effective working relationships, time management and negotiation. Audit is a great base to a career due to the range of skills it provides, whether you want to progress through auditing management roles or move into other areas of the business.


KPMG is a global organization with an extensive network of member firms, meaning we're able to offer an outstanding range of opportunities, roles and locations as you develop. We run programs to support people on international assignments so that our people really get the chance to make the most of our size. Plus, our multiple business streams mean you have the chance to move internally and widen your experiences across a variety of functions, all the time learning new skills and developing your personal and professional life.


What else do I get?


We offer benefits that really mean something to KPMG people. A flexible benefits package gives you the chance to choose from a variety of financial and non-financial rewards that suit your needs. In addition to strong starting salaries, we offer medical and life insurance, and leave in lieu of overtime worked by you.


What do I need?


We employ lots of different people with lots of different skills, but there are universal strengths that all KPMG people have. In addition to a strong academic record, we want people with useful practical skills. So to begin with you'll need to meet our minimum standards:


  • A university graduate or final year university student
  • Fluent English
  • Outstanding academic results
  • Ability to go to business trips
  • Ability to work overtime
  • Analytical skills
  • Team-player skills
  • Willingness to learn and develop professionally


But you'll also need to have good writing skills to help you construct reports. You'll need a commercial focus to understand our clients' issues. You'll need excellent problem-solving skills to help you master each project. You'll need boardroom credibility to talk to clients' senior managers. And above all, you'll need the desire and ability to provide crucial consultation and analysis for all the different clients you'll help.