Kyrgyz Republic

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Supporting the communities in which we work and live is one of the core global values of KPMG member firms worldwide. KPMG in the Kyrgyz Republic is very passionate about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).


We believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is not a passing trend but an essential part of doing business. Our practice of corporate social assistance is about making a difference. Making a difference, by behaving as a socially responsible business. Making a difference, by providing the opportunity for our people to have a hand in solving the social challenges we face. Making a difference, by helping those in our societies who are often least able to help themselves.


KPMG in the Kyrgyz Republic focuses its citizenship efforts in the following three areas: Communities, Education, and Environment. We are continually searching for new ways in which we can make a difference, and we continue to depend on your help in turning those ideas into reality.


As part of our commitment to communities, we support children from disadvantaged families and orphanages, disabled children and children suffering from oncological diseases.


  Knowledge and experience are becoming more vital to the creation of positive change. In our day and age the speed of knowledge sharing and information exchange is becoming even more important, as it helps to resolve some of the global dilemmas that we are facing.


Climate change is one of the biggest challenges we face. KPMG’s Global Green Initiative is our global response to the challenges of climate change and commitment to make a positive impact on the wider environment.