Kyrgyz Republic

KPMG in the Kyrgyz Republic 

KPMG has been working in the Kyrgyz Republic since 2003, and our essential principle has always been to use the firm’s global intellectual capital, combined with the practical experience of our local professionals.

KPMG in the Kyrgyz Republic provides audit and advisory services on financial issues to a great number of the banks and financial institutions of the country, as well as to enterprises in the leading sectors of the economy such as mining, telecommunications, and other industries.


In the Kyrgyz Republic, KPMG now has a fully operating office in Bishkek.


In the CIS, KPMG has offices in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Russia, and Ukraine where we employ over 3,800 people. In addition, we provide services in Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan using professional staff from different KPMG offices in the CIS, coordinated by KPMG in Kazakhstan.


Our strength in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries is our base of local national KPMG trained professionals augmented by KPMG trained expatriates from around the world. These invaluable human resources are available to all of our offices and project centers throughout the region and we are building for the future by transferring skills possessed by our professionals from elsewhere in the world to our local staff.


KPMG's global experience is thus complemented by the skills of local professionals, an invaluable asset for any client operating in or considering a move into a new and unfamiliar market. Our teams can offer realistic but internationally strategic sophisticated recommendations in line with local market conditions.


In October 2009 KPMG in the CIS joined KPMG Europe LLP


The merger reflects the increasing international importance of the European capital markets - and the need to support the growing number of companies that choose to list on European exchanges. The scale, breadth and pioneering approach of KPMG Europe LLP provides a range of valuable benefits for ELLP firms' clients, our employees and our stakeholders, including:


  • An extensive range of knowledge, experience and capacity brought to bear on small, medium and very large assignments
  • Innovation is a way of life here, which provides clients with access to a flow of new thinking and new approaches
  • High quality support for ELLP firms' clients across borders, industries and specialist areas - which can be valuable when entering new markets
  • People management programs to strengthen the skills of our people for the benefit of our clients
  • Greater international career mobility for our employees, which widens the breadth of our people's experience, skills and knowledge
  • Market-leading employee rewards for market-leading performance
  • Exciting opportunities to take our award-winning corporate responsibility work to a new level, so we can make even more of a difference in our communities