Transfer Pricing 

The appropriate transfer pricing strategy balances opportunity and risk management, weighing effective tax-rate optimizations against fiscal-authority challenges and the costs of compliance.


Tax authorities in India have stepped up their scrutiny on cross-border related party transactions and the amount of adjustments done in the recent past is testimony to the fact that transfer pricing is a primary focus area.

KPMG's Global Transfer Pricing Services (GTPS) brings together skilled economists, legal, finance and tax professionals with extensive experience in transfer pricing and international tax issues. Our proprietary software for transfer pricing has an exhaustive database of comparable companies across a wide spectrum of industries. This enables us to undertake cross border transfer pricing studies from within India, which is then reviewed by KPMG International Cooperative's member firms' offices abroad, resulting in substantial cost savings to the client.


KPMG in India, in conjunction with KPMG International Cooperative's network, advises multinational companies on the most appropriate Transfer Pricing Policy to be followed. We adopt a progressive approach and the resulting policy is one that is practical.

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